Praise for the Book

Praise for SCM Patterns and the Book from the original publication

About SCM Patterns in Practice

I use the software configuration management patterns book extensively when consulting at a client site. The SCM patterns help me explain how good software configuration management practices are essential to an effective agile software development process.

 — Michael Sayko, Software Configuration Management Consultant

Very well done. Should be required reading for anyone making scm related decisions. The patterns are all completely correct, and described concisely, with numerous actually descriptive illustrations. I only wish I'd read it 8 years ago. Well done.

 — McClain Looney, LoonSoft LLC.

… for CM practitioners SCM patterns is a very worthwhile investment and will yield considerable benefits and value.

 —  Bob Aiello, Senior Editor, CM Crossroads, in his article Behaviorally Speaking: —SCM Patterns — are they really practical? in the April 2004 issue of CM Crossroads News.

About the Book

Here is what some people are saying about the book Software Configuration Management Patterns: Practical Teamwork, Effective Integration:

As a coach and trainer of agile software development teams, I am often asked by these teams how they handle the software configuration management with such fast-moving processes. These excellent and highly readable book has collected a wonderful set of practices and will become a part of the standard canon I recommend to clients.

 — Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software.

Overall, Berczuk and Appleton's Software Configuration Management Patterns is probably the most timely, hands on, useful book on this topic today.

 — Philipp K. Janert in his review in the January/Feburary 2004 issue of IEEE Software.

I think the authors have just created the new "SCM Bible" that will be the new standard and reference manual to SCM-ers and software development professionals for years and years to come!!

 — Jeffrey W. Faist, Jeff Faist Consulting Inc.


I'm very glad that people are still writing about SCM. For awhile, it seemed that the momentum had shifted away from competence in SCM, and the book writing was following. The organization of this book is quite good, and the content quite complete. Everything I'd expect from a quality A-W piece of work.

 — Craig Gardner

I think this is a timely book - right now source control is most definitely a black art, and most teams do it badly if at all. There are very few books on the subject.

 — Dave Thomas, co-author of The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

There's a lot of expertise captured here and I get a sense of really sitting down with someone who understands these issues.

 — Linda Rising, author of The Pattern Almanac 2000

I think this is an excellent book. If you're at all serious about software development, you need SCM; this book could make that case and not only convince readers that they need it, but provide enough information that they could immediately apply the patterns on their projects.

 — James Noble, co-author of Small Memory Software: Patterns for Systems with Limited Memory

This book is a good overview of a very important area in current software development projects. I say this as someone who has endured (along with my fellow team members) various struggles with SCM systems in the last several companies where I have worked. There is very little readily available literature in this field and I believe this book, will prove to be very important to anyone working in a medium to large sized development team.

 — Bernard Farrell, WaveSmith Networks


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