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CM Crossroads
CM Crossroads is the online community for Configuration Management (not just software CM. We write a regular column on Agile SCM for the Configuration Management Journal. You might also be interested in the Agile Journal
We are technical advisors for the Configuration Management Zone on

SCM and Release Management Resources


Other Places of Interest

  • The Agile Alliance.
  • The wiki which contains information about patterns, XP and other items of relevance if you are interested in agile development.
  • The Extreme Programming Group at Yahoo Groups often discusses topic of interest to those who want to develop code quickly and effectively.
  • is a great Extreme Programming resource. This site includes & XPMagazine.
  • Methods & Tools is an online newsletter with informations on many aspects of application development.
  • Good testing practice is a basis for good SCM processes. is an excellent resource for learning about testing, including agile testing.
  • Martinig & Associates has a good collection of links related to software development.
  • Software Development Magazine has regular articles on agile development and process.

Services and Tools

  • The Consulting Page has links to tools and other resources that you can use if you need assistance with your project.